🎧 30 Minutes or Less - Logo

project tags: Logo, Redesign, podcast, innovation, entrepreneurship.


"30 minutes or less" is a podcast that was co-founded in March 2017,by Navot Volk, CEO of Microsoft's accelerator program in Israel at the time,and Aviv Frenkel, journalist & startup entrepreneur in which they host some of the most influential individuals in Israeli technology on a weekly basis.

I first listened to the podcast in 2022 and have been a devout follower ever since,
I wanted to improve the logo they had, so I contacted Aviv with some ideas I had come up with for a new logo. Seeing how I sent Aviv these logos without any prior interaction between us, I was surprised and excited when he answered with: β€œHey! I think option 5 is the best”.
After some revisions and tweaks, Aviv had updated the podcasts logo to the new one I had designed.

In designing the new logo, I aimed for a more technological-innovative and memorable design, with an emphasis on being easily recognizable even when the logo is small like on the screens in mobile streaming apps.

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