🌍 Beyond Borders - Webdesign

project tags: web design, infographics, geopolitics, experience design.


Beyond Borders is a conceptual website with the goal to educate audiences that are unfamiliar with the regions conflicts. Demonstrating that the recent war between Israel and terrorist organization Hamas isn't an isolated conflict.

Designed with guidance from Raz Cohen, between January-March 2024 for Emotional Design course at Shenkar College.

Research: Mapping War's Phases

This project aimed to make war history visually engaging and easy to learn. One Challenge was Designing a single map that clearly showed three phases of each conflict.

I researched maps from different sources to understand troop locations. Picking colors for each phase was tricky, but tools like "Colorbrewer2" helped ensure they were clear and accessible.

The problem I addressed:

Lack of information about the middle east conflicts leading to wrong compression between war and resulting anti-semitism.


designing an internet website for a new learning experience about the middle east deadliest conflict, Providing maps for context of conflicts, easy to read facts and sources for continued searching.

Key Learnings:

  • Designing a map is difficult but doable.
  • It's hard to find truthful sources regarding war and politics.
  • Most of the projects revolved around the idea of simplifying complex topics and information that scatters throughout the internet, and not the proper design.

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