🥃 BoozeBazaarrr - WebDesign

project tags: e-commerce website, responsive design, branding.


BoozeBazaarrr is a digital store that sells alcoholic beverages, specifically those used for making cocktails.
The store is intended for a target audience of young and old cocktail lovers.

The store was designed with mobile design at the forefront. The mobile design is simple and easy to use, with a clear hierarchy of contents, and the fonts are clear and legible, and the microcopy is clear and direct.

The design was then adapted to better fit desktop screens. The design for desktop screens includes more content and more details, all while still maintaining the hierarchy and simplicity of the mobile design.

Designed with guidance from Idan Portal, between April-june 2023 for Digital Design Tools course at Shenkar College.

The Challenge:

This project focused on maximizing design efficiency within Figma. By leveraging components, establishing a responsive design system with clear breakpoints, and exploring Figma's full suite of tools, I aimed to create a streamlined workflow that could be applied to future projects.

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